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Special Events 

With Honey and Blue 

Welcome to the world of Honey and Blue, an extraordinary musical duo that blends the best of pop and soul, captivating audiences with their magnetic performances. Comprising the talented singer/songwriters, Adam Darling and Stephanie Amber, this dynamic pair shares not only a passion for creating remarkable music but also a love that intertwines beautifully with their artistry. With a track record of opening for renowned artists like Bettye Lavette, Aloe Blacc, Charlie Hunter, and more, Honey and Blue's musical prowess is unquestionable. Their ability to craft original songs has garnered them well-deserved recognition, allowing them to showcase their remarkable talents at high-profile events and stages. However, what sets Honey and Blue apart is their extraordinary connection as a couple. Over a decade of performing together has not only honed their musical chemistry but has also given them a deep understanding of each other's artistic nuances. This unique perspective enables them to curate the perfect live music experience, tailor-made to elevate the ambiance of your luxury and high-end wedding.

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Why Honey and Blue? 

Imagine this: as the sun gracefully sets on your corporate event, Honey and Blue take the stage, captivating your esteemed guests with soul-stirring melodies and irresistible pop hits. Their performance exudes an aura of intimacy, as their genuine connection harmoniously intertwines with their heartfelt music, creating an ambiance that is simply enchanting. From their soulful originals to their fresh interpretations of beloved classics, Honey and Blue curate an unforgettable experience.

Their unparalleled versatility in tailoring their repertoire to suit any corporate setting ensures that your event will be a remarkable celebration of your corporate success and appreciation for the arts. If you seek an event that stands apart from the rest, whether it's a conference, gala, or corporate gathering, Honey and Blue are your perfect choice. Let this exceptional duo serenade your corporate event with their enchanting melodies, and witness as they elevate your occasion into an extraordinary celebration of corporate achievement and artistic excellence.





Elevate your wedding ceremony with the captivating synergy of a live duo, infusing each moment with

Starting at $300

Infuse an extra dose of magic and exclusivity into your upcoming ceremony by securing the captivating talents of the Honey and Blue duo. With their harmonious blend of melodies and soulful tunes, they are poised to create an enchanting atmosphere that will linger in the hearts of all attendees. 


Cocktail Hour

Hire Honey and Blue for an unforgettable cocktail hour experience.

Starting at $1000

Let the enchanting melodies of this exceptional band transform your luxury wedding into a celebration of love and music. Perfect for intimate soirées or cocktail parties, their customizable set list creates a relaxed ambience, tailored to your vision.


Reception  (5 Piece - 7 Piece)

Experience a reception that stands in a league of its own, setting the stage for unforgettable night! 

Starting at $3,350

Prepare for an exceptional reception curated by Honey and Blue, where the essence of celebration comes alive through their personalized approach. Infused with soulful flair, their performance resonates with a repertoire of cherished classics and contemporary favorites, setting the perfect tone to commence a night of joyous revelry. With their seamless blend of musical expertise and a heartfelt connection to the audience, Honey and Blue promise not only to get the party started, but to craft a memorable experience that will be talked about long after the event concludes.

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Ain't No Mountain Clip
Rock With You Clip


Click below to view our master song list which includes highlighted suggested songs ideal for cocktail hours and ceremonies.

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