Honey and Blue 

Share Considerable Chemistry 

Since moving to Columbus, the Honey and Blue duo have become a force.

Vocalist Stephanie Amber and guitarist and vocalist Adam Darling are combining pop and blues-rock sensibilities in ways that exceed their scope, putting them in musical ranks with singer-songwriter groups, a la Johnnyswim.


Things We Love: Honey and Blue

Rating baked goods and tacos is this band’s second talent!

Honey and Blue, comprising singer-songwriters Stephanie Amber and Adam Darling, is a mix of pop, soul and blues. Having met while working at the same bar in Los Angeles, the duo relocated to Columbus (Darling’s hometown) to further pursue the pair’s musical journey after finishing Honey and Blue’s first album. 

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Local LimeLight: Honey and Blue 

The meeting of Adam Darling and Stephanie Amber was a typically Los Angeles tale.

Both employed at a restaurant there, the pair met three years ago when Darling handed his new co-worker a CD of his original music.

“It was literally my first day,” said Amber,“And I go ‘Who is this guy?’”

The artistic introduction soon spurred songwriting sessions after their shifts -- and, eventually, a duo project the musicians have since dubbed Honey and Blue.